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Being A Qkids Online English Teacher

What We Offer

Work from home Work remotely, teach online from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada
Flexible Hours Part-time, set your own teaching schedule
Easy and Stable Supplemental Income $12 - $16 USD an hour, each in-lesson time is 30 minutes
Fun and Rewarding Experience Interactive lessons and tools, awesome and supportive staff

Teacher Testimonials

Bloomington, IN
"I work at Qkids English as a teacher while I'm also a full time student. The office staff are simply wonderful, always willing to adapt to my ever changing schedule with no questions asked. However, the best part is being able to see these kids' bright shining faces every morning and helping them to learn a new language, something I am very passionate about! Not to mention, the pay for such an easy and fun job is really good too!!!"
Montreal, Quebec
"I have now been working for this company for nearly half a year, and without exaggeration feel that this company is the perfect example of a great, inspiring company who strives to meet the needs of their employees and fit the needs of teaching English as second language to children. I have never been so proud of working for a company. Their flexibility and understanding is beyond refreshing to have, their creativity and hard work into the program and striving to make it better on a daily basis makes me proud to represent them."
Montreal, Quebec
" I have been working for this company since March 2016. I have only great things to say about them. The staff are helpful, considerate and kind. The children are wonderful and willing to learn. If you are looking for a fun and inspiring part time job, love working with kids and are energetic enough to keep them engaged, you'll love working for Qkids!! I am currently a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. All my children are in school. I love this job as it gives me the opportunity to be home during the day and when they come home after school, or one is sick. Its flexible, fun and rewarding!"
Montgomery, AL
"Fun loving company that wants its teachers to succeed! It's so refreshing to work for this company! I started with Qkids in October 2016 and in these past few months, I have grown so attached to this gem of a company. The staff are very focused on training. I've received very helpful feedback on how to improve my teaching, which I welcome. The staff have EXCELLENT communication. They are truly dedicated to helping their teachers be confident and comfortable. The students, for me, are the brightest parts of my day. The greatest joy is when you see a student grasp what you are teaching. You get to play a part in his or her development as a person and I love that! Not to mention a great pay, flexible schedule and wonderful incentives."
New York, USA
"I have been working for them since April 2016. I have loved every minute of it. The kids are a blast to work with and my coworkers are amazing!!!! This is honestly one of the best companies I have ever worked for. It is amazing how close I feel to them when they are so far away."
Clay County, FL
"Working for Qkids is AMAZING! I LOVE MY JOB! I promised myself last year, "I am not going to be unhappy at work any more." I have left two jobs while staying with Qkids the entire time because these American corporations were poorly managed. I was unhappy and underpaid. Being a Qkids ESL Teacher is the best job I have ever had in many ways. First and foremost, I love teaching the students; everyday I wake up I am excited to teach new faces, see previous students, see their smiles and hear their laughs. Qkids staff are very efficient, effective, managed very well, friendly and are flexible around your schedule. That is what I love about it!"
Nazareth, PA
"I absolutely love working for Qkids! The kids are amazing, sweet and funny- and the management is so helpful and prompt! I have run into some issues like a child not being able to hear me, or me being able to hear them, and they are quick to find a solution. This company is amazing, they offer as many hours as you choose to take on, and I am so happy I am working for them! You guys rock!"

Friendly and Professional

We respect and treasure every teacher in the Qkids family. We are always trying to be more helpful and more efficient.

Position Details

Contract: Independent Contractor
Contract Term: 6 months
Start Date: Immediately
Location: Remote